About Athletic Therapy

  • What can a Certified Athletic Therapist do?
    • Assess, treat, rehab, prehabilitation for Musculoskeletal injuries and biomechanical dysfunctions. What are musculoskeletal injuries? An injury to any bone, joint, muscle, tendon, or ligament
    • They are also able to provide emergency onsite care.
  • Athletic Therapist can advise on the following:
    • Athletic Therapists will assess your injury/ discomfort through a thorough history, movement evaluation, special tests and palpitations
    • The best course of treatment to get you back to daily life/ sport in a safe manner. This can include manual therapy, exercise, stretches, and taping
  • Certified Athletic Therapist Services Include:
    • Injury risk assessment
    • Post injury assessment
    • Manual/ Hands on therapy
    • Exercise prescription
    • Modality use for pain
    • Taping and Bracing
    •  Return to play program/ Sports specific training
    • Injury and movement education
  • What is sports medicine? How does it compare with Athletic Therapy
    • Athletic therapists typically work within a collaborative multidisciplinary sports medicine model that includes other healthcare professionals such as sports medicine doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists and chiropractors.

An athletic therapist is a great addition to any healthcare team and in collaboration with a pedorthist or chiropodist the care that you will receive with regards to your biomechanical foot and ankle needs will be stellar. A thorough assessment is part and parcel of what an athletic therapist does as their everyday routine.

Mobility on Mainway’s Athletic Therapist can help you get biomechanical function back to where you need to live an active lifestyle. Make an appointment today, call us at 289-245-6624.

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