All About Tens Unit

Does a TENS unit work?

A TENS unit is one of those small ipod sized battery operated devices that has leads on it that you can attach to various parts of your body to provide varying degrees of electrical stimulation. The electrical impulses then flood the nervous system to keep the feelings of pain away. TENS units or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation come in all shapes and sizes and are an easy at home, non invasive method to manage pain and stimulate the body’s natural endorphins. They are small and portable and can help with muscle and joint pain.

How to Use a Tens Unit?

TENS units allow you to control the amount of electrical current in measures of frequency intensity and duration. It is important to read the directions carefully as putting the electrodes on the front of the neck or the eyes can cause spasms and low blood pressure. They do however make a real difference in relief from pain due to 

  • Arthritis
  • Knee injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Elbow tendonitis
  • Back pain 
  • Sciatica Pain
  • Shin Splints

Side Effects of TENS units

Most people don’t experience any side effects when using TENS machines, but the electrical impulses it produces may cause an uncomfortable prickling or tingling sensation. The Adhesive pads that stick on the body around the areas of pain may cause a minor allergic reaction for some people

When to avoid TENS

TENS units are generally safe for most people but there are a few groups of people who doctors advise against using TENS units. These include:

  • Pregnant women on the abdominal area
  • Heart patients or pacemaker patients
  • People prone to epileptic seizures

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