Flat Feet and Working From Home

What is COVID-19 and Staying at Home Doing to Your Feet?

One of the byproducts of working from home and not wearing shoes there seems to be an increase in foot pain. When you are working from home you don’t really think about what footwear to have on. Remember we were designed to be bare feet but on natural surfaces. We were not designed to be bare feet on hard floors.

Working From Home and Not Wearing Shoes

When we are at home we tend to walk around in our socks, slippers, or bare feet. If you have flat feet your foot gets some good support from just wearing shoes every day. While we don’t actually walk too much inside the house, being in bare feet or sock feet all day long can cause a bunch of issues in your feet.

Are you experiencing foot pain while working from home?

More and more people are reporting foot pain since working from home because of the months and months of not being in supportive shoes. The pain is most often felt in the heel or ball of the foot and can migrate up the leg into the calf.

Shoes for Flat Feet!

We are so trained to not wear shoes around the house! It is hard to think about wearing shoes indoors when you haven’t done so all of your life. Also, who wants to wear clunky shoes indoors, when we just want our feet to breathe as well? The best indoor shoe for flat feet is the OOFOS sandal. This flip flop style sandal is soft and supportive and provides almost instant relief from foot pain. Make an appointment at Mobility on Mainway to try on a pair of OOFOS Sandals.

Are there any Home Remedies for Heel Pain?

If you are experiencing heel pain, the first thing you can do is apply ice to your feet. Freeze a water bottle and roll it back and forth under your foot to help the ice penetrate into the heel. You should also wear something on your feet so that you have some support under your arch.

Why do Flat Feet Cause Back Pain?

When you have flat feet, the arch in your foot collapses when you put pressure on it in order to walk. When your arch collapses, your foot rolls inwards. When your foot rolls inwards, the ankle, the leg and the knee all roll with it. This causes a chain reaction all the way up to your back which torques in order to keep up with all the movement from down below. That is why support under your feet makes such a big difference in back pain,

I have Heel Pain in both Feet. What can I do to get rid of it?

Wear an OOFOS sandal inside your house. When you first wake up in the morning, the pain in the heel can be quite significant. Try not to take any steps barefoot and keep the OOFOS by your bedside. Icing and stretching your feet will help your heel pain as well.

If you’re suffering from the painful and uncomfortable symptoms of heel pain, our team of clinicians has the knowledge and skills to get you back on your feet quickly. Call us at 289-245-6624 to book an appointment.

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