It’s All About Orthotics. Our Approach to Orthotics.

Mobility on Mainway’s approach to Orthotics

We are big believers in non-invasive methods to help you move better. Our approach is to do a thorough biomechanical and gait assessment first, check your range of motion and evaluate your footwear. Sometimes a simple shoe change makes all the difference, other times you need an orthotic insole to help stabilize and balance your body.

Why Orthotics and Shoe Fit is important and what Mobility on Mainway does to ensure you get optimal results

We have seen time and time again, people bring us their old orthotics from a different provider and they are frustrated that they don’t fit in any shoes. The orthotics can be perfectly made and use all the right materials to treat the condition, but if they don’t fit in the shoe, what’s the point? Knowing what shoe the orthotic is going into is very important in order to make you a device that is effective. For example, we can choose materials that are thinner for dress shoes or have more cushion for a work boot.

How to know if I need orthotics?

Your doctor, Chiropodist, or Podiatrist can diagnose whether you need orthotics. Usually, the symptoms include heel pain, ball of the foot pain, arch pain, knee pain, leg pain, and back pain. You may also need orthotics even if you have no pain, but you notice a biomechanical issue like knock knees, pigeon toes or bunions. Probably the most common reason for orthotics is flat feet.

How can Orthotic Insoles Help with Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation in the heel and it is most commonly felt at the initiation of the first few steps after rest. One example of this is when you get out of bed in the morning oftentimes you will have heel pain. However, once you get moving the pain seems to get better. Orthotic insoles can help to support the foot so that when you are walking or running the arch is stabilized causing less movement of the foot in the shoe.

How Much Do Custom Orthotics Cost & Are They Worth It?

Custom orthotics range in price from $400 – $650 depending on who you get them from and the materials used. If an orthotic is less than $300 it is most often not a true custom orthotic. We believe that if a device is non-invasive and helps you be more mobile then it is worth it~ !

Does insurance cover orthotics?

There are many extended health plans in Canada that cover custom orthotics. Each insurer has its own claim submission requirements so be sure to check.

Do orthotics only work when you’re wearing them?

Orthotics are designed to work when in full weight-bearing and support your feet. The intention is that when you are not wearing them, you feel less discomfort!

Our team of clinicians can help determine if you need orthotics. If you are experiencing foot discomfort from your existing orthotics our Burlington Chiropodist can help! To find out how we make wearing orthotics more comfortable, book an appointment today.

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