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Pigeon Toed, Bow Legs

Is Your Child Pigeon Toed?

Help! I Think My Child Is Pigeon-Toed. If you have noticed that your child is pigeon-toed (toes pointing in) then you are probably noticing what we call an in toe gait pattern. While this may be concerning to you, most of the time, in-toe gait will resolve itself. Sometimes it is persistent and can lead to your child being clumsy and not wanting to do much physical activity because of it.

As a parent, it is quite concerning when you see that your child is bowlegged or that their feet are turning inwards. Mobility on Mainway recommends seeing your physician first to get an assessment done to determine if the in- toe needs to be addressed. If an in-toe does need to be addressed, Mobility on Mainway can help with providing the right treatment.

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