Calluses and Corns

Calluses and Corns

If you are suffering from corns and calluses, our clinicians can help you to get rid of calluses on your feet restoring comfort and beauty. Our Chiropodist, Athletic Therapist, and Pedorthist will diagnose your condition and advise on how to get how to treat sore calluses on feet.

What are Calluses on Feet?

Calluses are large thickened areas of skin that are commonly seen in areas of high pressure or friction. They are not usually painful but can be quite unsightly and uncomfortable if left untreated. Calluses are actually a protection mechanism of the skin trying to protect itself from excess rubbing, like calluses on fingers from guitar players or on hands of golfers or weightlifters!

What Causes Calluses on your Feet?

  1. Shoes that don't fit well - If you wear shoes that don't fit properly you will be prone to calluses on your feet.
  2. Dropped transverse arches - You can also get big yellow or pale coloured calluses on the ball of your feet if you have dropped transverse arches and the ball of your foot creates excessive pressure on the insole of the shoe. If you look at your insole inside the shoe and you see a hole at the ball of your foot area, chances are quite high that your transverse arch is collapsing resulting in a big callus over the bony area of your foot that bears your weight.

How to Get Rid of Calluses?

  1. Warm Water Soak - First and foremost, soften the callus by soaking it in warm water for about 5-10mins.
  2. Pumice Stone - Using a pumice stone or emery board can be useful in removing some of the thickened tissue. Be careful not to remove too much skin and cause any bleeding!
  3. Toenails Trimmed - Keeping your toenails trimmed short
  4. Proper footwear - wearing properly fitted footwear also helps to get rid of calluses by limiting the friction opportunity inside the shoe. Shoes with a thicker sole will also help to absord the abnormal pressure distribution.

If you are diabetic please have a foot care professional help you remove your calluses.

Don’t suffer any longer from calluses, our specialized clinicians can help you to get rid of calluses on your feet restoring comfort and beauty. Our clinicians service clients from all GTA neighbourhoods including Burlington, Ontario; Hamilton Ontario; Oakville Ontario; Waterdown,Ontario; Milton, Ontario. Get rid of your Calluses today, call us at 289-245-6624 to book an appointment.


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