IT Band is also known as Iliotibial Band

IT Band is also known as Iliotibial Band

Say goodbye to the IT Band pain with a customized treatment for your individual needs. Our Chiropodists, Athletic Therapists, and Pedorthists in Burlington, Ontario can help to minimize and eliminate IT band pain.Iliotibial band also known as IT Band pain is pain located on the outside of your upper thigh, hip, or knee.

Where Is My IT Band Located?

The IT Band is found on the outside of your thigh. It is a thick band of tissue that runs from your hip and attaches to just below your knee. This is why the iliotibial pain location can be in the hip, knee or in between.

How Can I Eliminate IT Band Pain?

The IT band is a non-contractile tissue and symptoms tend to

be a result of weaknesses elsewhere. It is sometimes counterintuitive but it

works! A common treatment of IT band pain is to build up strength in other

areas of the body. Addressing glute weakness for example can take stress off

the IT band and decrease iliotibial knee pain and iliotibial hip pain.

Stretching the glutes can help reduce the tightness through the IT band as

well. If you work with a trainer ask them for glute strengthening and

stretching tips or if you are coming in for an assessment with us, we can show you some simple easy moves that will help tremendously.

Running and IT Band Pain?

If you are a runner, changing the side of the road you run

on throughout your run can also decrease iliotibial band pain. While this may

sound trite it makes a lot of sense given the way our driveways are built! If

you always run the same route then depending on which direction you run, one leg will always hit the uneven side of the sidewalk where there is a driveway. So, if you have IT band pain consider running your route backwards- as in the opposite direction! (however running backwards may be a great way to build up your calf muscle! )

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