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Bunions on Feet

Bunions are the big enlargement of bone that you see sticking out of the big toe. Sometimes the second and third toes can look like crooked toes and become crossed over or go under each other. Bunions can hurt but they can also be asymptomatic. They can grow to quite a fair size that may need surgery if they get too big and painful. Sometimes the bunion is on the little toe and is called a tailor’s bunion.

What Causes Bunions?

Genetics play a big part in how you get bunions. Another reason how bunions are caused is by wearing the wrong type of shoe. There is a lot of evidence of bunions in women who wear a lot of tight fitting high heel shoes as the shoe holds the foot in an abnormal position stimulating the bone growth. Simplistically, bone growth is stimulated by friction. So if the shoe is tight at the big toe area and the foot rolls in when walking, this causes friction at the big toe joint which then could lead to painful and red bunions.

How to Get Rid of Bunions?

  • How to fix bunions: while bunions cannot be fixed without surgery the progression can be slowed down with conservative non invasive methods.
  • How to treat bunions: the progression of the bunions can be slowed down by altering the foot mechanics. If you have an arch that collapses inwards while walking, an arch support or custom orthotic can help hold your foot in the right position preventing it from putting pressure on the big toe.How to correct bunions: bunions can be corrected surgically, but you can also use toe separators and bunion splints to help hold the toes in a better position
  • How to correct bunions: bunions can be corrected surgically, but you can also use toe separators and bunion splints to help hold the toes in a better position

Recommended Shoes for Bunions

A shoe that has a wide toe box is the best for bunions. In women’s footwear this is called a D or 2E width shoe, and in men’s it is a 2E width or a 4E width shoe. It is more common to find wide shoes in runners for men and women. Brooks and Asics make some good wide width models. In casual shoes, there are some Clarkes and Drew shoes that come in nice wide widths and still look professional to wear to work. 

How to Prevent Bunions

Wearing good shoes, and good arch supports can really help with slowing down the progression of bunions especially if you have flat feet. Get assessed by our team to determine if you can benefit from conservative intervention.


How do you get bunions?

Genetics, poor fitting shoes and poor foot biomechanics can all contribute to bunions

What shoes should I wear if I have bunions?

Wear a wide fitting shoe with an oblique toe box. Do not go barefoot on hard surfaces. Try an OOFOS sandal indoors if you have hardwood floors.

How do I get relief from the pain of bunions?

If your bunion is red and inflamed try icing it down. The ice will give you some good relief from the pain. A toe separator can also help by aligning the toes inside your shoes. If your bunions are super painful, try a bunion night splint. 

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