Toenail Trauma
Toenail Trauma

Toenail Trauma

Return to your favorite activities quickly with our customized foot treatments. Our specialized team of clinicians will address any trauma that has occured to your toenail and provide a customized treatment plan to help restore your foot to pain-free living. 

Toenail Trauma Cause

Toe nail trauma is an injury usually caused by:

  • A blow to the nail such as stubbing your toe
  • Something heavy that falls onto the nail
  • Persistant rubbing of a shoe against the nail
  • Shoes that are too loose
  • Shoes that are too tight

Toe nail trauma can occur in athletes that wear tight fitting specialty shoes and participate in kicking sports. It is quite common to see toenail trauma in dancers as well as skiers, mountaineers, hikers and rock climbers.  

Toenail Trauma Symptoms

In toe nail trauma, the nail appears dark because there is usually blood under the nail or the nail cracks or splits apart. The nail can become thick and discoloured and can be quite painful. Sometimes the nail dies and falls off or lifts off the nail bed.

How to Treat Toenail Trauma

If the nail and surrounding area is hot and swollen and painful, you can ice it to relieve some of the pain right away. An antibiotic cream can also be quite effective and if you are using an antibiotic cream please cover it with a dry bandage. If you are a runner and your nails hit the front of the shoe, consider checking your shoe size and doing a heel lock to make sure the nail is not jammed to the front of the toe box. Also, trimming your toe nails and keeping them short will help to minimize any potential toenail traumail.

Say Hello to Beautiful and Pain Free Feet. Make an appointment with Mobility on Mainway and our Chiropodist located in Burlington, Ontario will evaluate and provide a solution to help alleviate your Toenail Trauma. Call us at 289-245-6624 to book an appointment.

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