Varicose/Spider Veins

Varicose/Spider Veins

At Mobility on Mainway, our team of Burlington Chiropodists, Athletic Therapists, and Pedortists know how to treat Varicose Veins/Spider Veins.

What are Varicose Veins/Spider Veins?

Varicose veins and spider veins are visible veins that look enlarged and twisted usually found on the legs. Both varicose veins and spider veins are caused by the same thing but the difference between varicose veins and spider veins is that varicose veins are damaged large veins while spider veins are smaller damaged veins. A common question we get is do spider

veins turn into varicose veins? The short answer is no because they affect

different veins but damage to smaller vessels may also mean that there is risk

of damage to larger vessels.

What Causes Varicose Veins/Spider Veins?

Veins have to work against gravity to bring blood back to the heart and have valves inside to prevent blood from flowing with gravity back down to your feet. Sometimes these valves can become weak and damaged and the backflow causes the vein to become stretched leading to the twisted

enlarged appearance.Genetics are also a predisposing factor for varicose veins as is pregnancy. During pregnancy, baby’s head puts a lot of pressure on the inguinal vein and that can impact venous flow leading to varicose veins that can feel quite painful. Maternity compression panty hose are a popular treatment mechanism, and even though it seems counterintuitive, there is no actual compression around the stomach- the compression is in the legs so they are safe and effective. You do need to get measured for these so be sure to book in.

How to Treat Varicose Veins/Spider Veins?

The best treatment for varicose and spider veins is multifaceted. Using a compression sock helps with the progression and symptoms of varicose veins/spider veins by providing external compression to help the blood flow back to your heart. There are many levels of compression strength and the minimum medical grade that you will need a prescription for is 20mmHG. Regular exercise can also help to decrease symptoms of varicose and spider veins and help with vein health. Movement activates the muscle pump which helps with blood flow. Please check with your doctor for a prescription for compression socks if you think they may be warranted for you.

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