At our Burlington, Ontario clinic our team of clinicians can offer a wide range of Metatarsalgia Treatments to provide with Metatarsalgia relief.

What is Metatarsalgia?

Metatarsalgia is a general term used to describe pain and inflammation at the balls of your feet. Sometimes this is quite painful and needs medical attention.

Metatarsalgia Causes

We quite often will see metatarsalgia develop in people who participate in running or jumping sports or who walk long distances with poor footwear. If you have a high arched foot, more pressure is put on the balls of your foot when you stand, which could also lead to metatarsalgia. Intense periods of standing can also increase the pressure on the balls of your feet. You may also find that the balls of your feet hurt if you have had excessive weight gain. All these factors contribute to increased pressure on the balls of your feet.

Symptoms of Metatarsaligia

The symptoms of Metatarsalgia can be burning or tingling in the ball of the foot, a sharp pain in the bottom of your foot or a feeling like your sock is bunched up or there is a pebble in your foot.

Metatarsalgia Treatment

Wearing properly cushioned footwear with a good toe spring or rocker really helps a lot to relieve pain. If you have a high arched foot, a custom foot orthotic with a built in metatarsal pad will give you some relief as well. The best running shoes for metatarsalgia are cushioning shoes like the Asics Nimbus or Brooks Ghost. If you are at home on hardwood floors, try the OOFOS sandal as it has a tonne of cushioning and a great rocker sole. Try and avoid going barefoot as much as you can.


Are there insoles for metatarsalgia?

Yes you can get custom made insoles that have a big built in metatarsal pad

Can I add metatarsal pads on my shoes?

Yes you can! They come in various shapes and sizes and have adhesive backs. Just be sure you are putting it in the right position!

Are there exercises for Metatarsalgia?

Toe Pull - a good stretch you can do is to flex your toes towards

your chest while keeping your foot straight. Either use a towel or a belt

to pull your toes back while you foot is outstretched

Towel Toe Crunches-

place your foot on a hand towel right in the middle and crunch your toes

until the towel is all scrunched up. This can be quite fatiguing to your

foot, so go easy !

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