Mobility on Mainway’s Chiropodist, Athletic Therapist, and Pedortist, offer comprehensive Hammertoe services to help you restore the function of your foot and eliminate pain. We offer several Hammertoe Treatment options to get you back on your feet.

What is Hammertoe?

A hammertoe is when there is an abnormal bend in the middle of the toe joint causing it to bend downwards looking like a hammer. They start off flexible but can be quite painful because of the imbalance with the surrounding ligaments, muscles and tendons. Over time a flexible hammertoe can become quite rigid and hard to manage, so early intervention is advisable.

What Causes Hammertoe?

Hammertoes are created by a muscle/tendon imbalance causing the toe to have a contracture and bend downwards. This can also be caused by neurological issues for some people. Genetics can also play a part in developing hammertoes. If a toe that is too long is forced into a shoe, it may cause the toe to bend at the joint as well.

How to Treat Hammertoe?

There are many non-invasive methods to treat hammertoes:

  • Cushioning pads are quite helpful to protect the areas of high friction.
  • Wearing well fitted shoes that are wide and not narrow or high heels will also make a big difference.
  • Custom orthotic insoles inside your shoes will help stabilize the foot from the muscle/tendon imbalance.

Surgery is only required when there is extreme pain and activities of daily living are affected.

Say Goodbye to Foot Pain With Our Customized Hammertoe treatments. Our Burlington Chiropodist, Athletic Therapist, and Pedortist can help you to to get back to healthy living. Call us at 289-245-6624 to book an appointment.



The pain associated with hammertoes can vary, depending upon the location, duration, shoe style, amount of activity and pain tolerance. The pain is frequently associated with a “corn”.


Our team takes a holistic approach to footcare with a full gait biomechanics analysis to assess the movement of your lower limbs. Contact Us for Pain-Free Living Today! 

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